DocBox Joins CIMIT's ILP Program

 September 27, 2007    Cambridge, MA

DocBox Inc Joins ILP!

CIMIT is pleased to announce that DocBox Inc has joined the Industry Liaison Program.

DocBox ( is developing an innovative clinical control system for hospitals that promises to help clinicians eliminate medical mistakes, improve clinical workflow and processes, and free up much of the time spent on administrative duties so that clinicians can focus on their patients.

DocBox is located at the point of care and includes a controller, storage, and a touchscreen display. It uses existing interfaces and protocols (including wireless) to connect to various medical devices and to existing hospital networks. Each DocBox connects to a central Clinical Process Management Server to communicate interactively with hospital and clinical information systems. The server is also used to analyze data and to support quality and safety reporting. Using the latest internet technologies, the DocBox system extends access to remote primary care physicians, specialists, or intensivists, who will be able to monitor patients and support on-site clinicians and staff.

The DocBox approach will enable simple yet powerful new clinical processes as well as monitoring and diagnostic tools that will continuously improve patient care. It will also provide easy access and analysis of sufficient data to help clinicians make timely decisions and allow them to practice evidence-based medicine on acute care patients.

DocBox was formed earlier this year by Tracy Rausch, who is now its Chief Technology Officer. Previously, she was a clinical systems engineer at Kaiser Permanente. She is actively involved in CIMIT's Medical Device Plug and Play Program. Gordon Fowler, whose background is in networking and computers and has been involved in high-technology startups for many years, is the President and CEO.

CIMIT represents a unique opportunity for DocBox to refine and validate its healthcare strategy through contact and collaboration with CIMIT clinicians as well as other member companies.

To learn more or if you would like to meet with the company to discuss collaborative opportunities, please contact Ann Humphrey (