DocBox's Founder Receives CIMIT's Edward M. Kennedy Award for Health Care Innovation

 November 20, 2007  

CIMIT, the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, recently named a team working on patient safety in the operating room and other clinical environments as the recipient of its annual Edward M. Kennedy Award for Healthcare Innovation.

The honor went to a national team of doctors and scientists who make up the Medical Device PnP Program – known as Plug-and-Play – headed by Julian M. Goldman, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital.

The team’s technology is designed to ensure interoperability of systems in the OR and other hospital areas. That means that all devices and electronic systems are linked, so that information is exchanged and mistakes are minimized.

“Each year there are accidents and unnecessary deaths in operating rooms,” said Dr. Goldman. “Each OR has many kinds of electronic systems, many of which don’t interact with each other.

“One of our key goals is to make sure all medical device systems communicate, and create an international standard so that planners and administrators have guidelines that will enable them to create a failsafe hospital infrastructure.”

The collaborative team is made up of medical professionals from numerous institutions, including David Arney, PhD candidate, University of Pennsylvania; Philippe-Antoine Cortes, ME, University of Pennsylvania; Glenn Himes, PhD, MITRE Corp.; John Howse, MD, Kaiser Permanente; Jennifer Jackson, MBA, CCE, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and American College of Clinical Engineering; Shankar Krishnan, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital; Insup Lee, PhD, University of Pennsylvania; Ronald Marchessault, Jr., MBA, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, US Army Medical Research and Material Command; David Osborn, Philips Medical Systems; Heidi Perry, Draper Laboratory; Tracy Rausch, DocBox Inc.; Jeff Robbins, LiveData Inc.; Michael Robkin, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan; Richard Schrenker, MSEE, Massachusetts General Hospital; Bill Seitz, IXXAT, USA; Carl Wallroth, PhD, Draeger Medical; Sandy Weininger, PhD, Food and Drug Administration; Susan Whitehead, CIMIT.

“We are extremely proud of the work done by this team, whose members are making impressive progress in developing standards for the OR,” said John Parrish, MD, founder and director of the Boston-based CIMIT.

“They are addressing a very complicated and serious issue. Dr. Goldman and his team are to be commended for both their scientific and organizational work. Their effort will likely benefit many institutions, and that means better care for patients.”

The award was named in honor of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, senior senator from Massachusetts, who has been a pioneer in working for improvements in healthcare.

"I congratulate Dr. Goldman and the entire Plug-and-Play team for their outstanding contributions to operating room safety, and for providing another example of the importance of the partnership approach to research and development that CIMIT collaborators have pioneered," Sen. Kennedy said.

Past winners of the honor have been: CIMIT Operating Room of the Future team, (2002); CIMIT Simulation team, (2003); CIMIT Optical Imaging team, (2004); CIMITRussia Avian Flu team, (2005); CIMIT Imaged Guided Therapy team (2006).

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