DocBox, Inc. Awarded $6.0 Million Department of Defense Contract

 July 17, 2013    Waltham, MA (PRWEB)

The medical device informatics and analytics company DocBox, Inc. (, announces a $6.0 million research and development contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for continued development of an Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) platform that is designed to meet FDA approval. DocBox is based in Waltham, MA.

The initial phase of the project, working in collaboration with the NIH and DoD-funded Medical Device Interoperability (MD PnP) research team, proved the feasibility of the development of an ICE system which resulted in several demonstrations of the capabilities. The research, "Integrating Clinical Technologies for Military Health," will be led by Tracy Rausch, CCE, CTO, and Founder. This phase of the research will also include clinical studies to be conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. The Army’s Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) will provide program management oversight. TATRC supports innovative technology to address critical gaps in DoD medical research programs.

"We are pleased that the DoD is supporting this important project to bring standards-based app-enabling medical device integration technology to the bedside," said Julian M. Goldman, MD, Director of the MD PnP program, attending anesthesiologist at the MGH, and Medical Director of Partners HealthCare Biomedical Engineering. "The collaboration with DocBox focuses on advancing the development of open standards and technologies for medical device interoperability – with the ultimate goal of improving care for patients."

"This platform will improve the safety and quality of care. It is anticipated that this will ultimately reduce the cost of health care through improvements in patient safety and efficiency. The DocBox platform has achieved several milestones using the standards-based ASTM ICE architecture and has begun the development of point of care apps for decision support, workflow and safety," said Tracy Rausch.

DocBox’s platform enables connectivity at the bedside in a safe and effective way. This bi-directional connectivity of clinical applications with medical devices, the electronic medical record, and other hospital IT systems enables the creation of complete and accurate medical records with reduction in clinical staff documentation time, and it allows for real-time feedback and decision support to be provided to the clinical staff. These apps will aid in clinical workflow management, and will improve clinical decision-making and patient safety. Access to comprehensive and accurate clinical data at the patient bedside will be paramount in developing innovative methods to improve patient care as the medical big data revolution unfolds.

"DocBox Inc’s groundbreaking work is important to the improvement of military health because of its potential to reduce the cost of care through greater efficiency, provide more effective care and eliminate many adverse events, " said Congressman and Senator-elect Edward J. Markey. "I congratulate DocBox, which continues the Massachusetts tradition of innovation in medical technology."