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Leading Businesses Rely on Cloudera for Machine Learning to Drive IoT Innovation

   September 28, 2017      Melinda Venable

With billions of sensors, smart machines and connected devices generating data every second, the Internet of Things (IoT) is placing unprecedented demands on organizations' data storage, processing and analytic capabilities. The use of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub has been transformative across industries by innovative customers such as DocBox.

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DocBox: Using IoT to Improve Patient Care and Hospital Safety

   May 14, 2017

DocBox offers healthcare organizations an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled platform that helps improve patient care, reduce medical errors, and decrease healthcare costs. The company’s solution is a point-of-care platform that enables real-time data analytics, real-time clinical decision support, and data visualization.

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Whitepaper: The Solution to Medical Device Security Could Save Lives

   February 24, 2017      Evolver, Inc.

A DocBox driven clinical environment could be the solution to medical device security and save tens of thousands of lives and millions of dollars in the process.

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DocBox Introduces New Open Clinical Decision Support Platform

   February 8, 2017      Bridget Moorman

DocBox is a distributed platform that integrates medical device and other hospital information technology data for improvements in clinical care as well as operational efficiency. Their systems provide clinical decision support (CDS) as well as operational efficiency reports using data visualization and predictive analytics. In the future, they are also aiming for automation with these processes.

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DocBox, Inc. Awarded $6.0 Million Department of Defense Contract

   July 17, 2013

The medical device informatics and analytics company DocBox, Inc. announces a research and development contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for continued development of an Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) platform.

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DocBox to Demonstrate Standards-Based Integrated Clinical Environment Manager Utilizing Nationwide Health Information Network Data at the Point of Care

   February 21, 2012

DocBox will be participating in the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas. In conjunction with TATRC and partners, DocBox will participate in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information technology (ONC) exhibit area titled Emerging HIE Technologies to Provide Continuity of Care. DocBox will demonstrate the exchange of patient allergy information can improve the safety of a patient during medication administration. This clinical scenario will demonstrate the capabilities of the Integrated Clinical Environment, when it is used in conjunction with Connect 3.1 to access information from the Nationwide Health Information Network using standards based communications.

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DocBox, Inc. Awarded $1.6 Million Department of Defense Contract

   September 26, 2011

The medical device company DocBox, Inc. (, announces a $1.6 million research and development contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for developing an integrated clinical environment (ICE) platform that is designed to meet FDA approval. DocBox is based in Waltham, MA.

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$10 Million NIH Quantum Grant Awarded to Interoperability Team Led by Dr. Julian Goldman

   October 1, 2010

A Boston-based team of clinicians, biomedical and software engineers, and healthcare device companies has won one of the National Institute of Health’s Quantum Grants. The Quantum Program seeks to challenge researchers to design projects that are innovative, highly focused, collaborative, interdisciplinary and capable of solving a major medical problem.

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F2761 and the Integrated Clinical Environment - A New Standard Addresses the Interconnectivity of Medical Devices in Hospitals and Beyond

   Sept/Oct 2009

In an integrated clinical environment, known as ICE, all devices — from blood pressure cuffs to intravenous pumps to ventilators — could be interconnected in a so-called plug-and-play configuration that would enable health care to be better managed and patient data to be better shared.

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Medical Devices Lag in iPod Age - Patients' Safety Is At Risk, Experts Say

   December 29, 2008

A push for greater connectedness in hospital electronics is gaining momentum. The goal is devices that can not only plug into one another, but can also "understand" each other and automatically identify potential life-threatening problems sooner than they would have been caught by busy nurses and doctors.

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DocBox's Founder Receives CIMIT's Edward M. Kennedy Award for Health Care Innovation

   November 20, 2007

CIMIT, the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, recently named a team working on patient safety in the operating room and other clinical environments as the recipient of its annual Edward M. Kennedy Award for Healthcare Innovation.

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DocBox Joins CIMIT's ILP Program

   September 27, 2007

CIMIT is pleased to announce that DocBox Inc has joined the Industry Liaison Program.

DocBox ( is developing an innovative clinical control system for hospitals that promises to help clinicians eliminate medical mistakes, improve clinical workflow and processes, and free up much of the time spent on administrative duties so that clinicians can focus on their patients.

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DocBox Participates in MD PnP's ASA Scientific Exhibit

   June 25, 2007

DocBox Co-Founder Tracy Rausch presented with Jennifer Jackson, MBA, CCE, Brigham & Women’s Hospital Biomed Engineering at the June 2007 Joint Workshop on High Confidence Medical Devices, Software, & Systems (HCMDSS) and Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) Interoperability.

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