Specialty medical advice to any hospital that needs it

DocBox is part of NETCCN (National Emergency Telehealth Critical Care Network) which is an evolving network of clinical care teams that provide speciality medical advice to anyone who needs it, wherever they may be, using network enabled mobile devices such as – cell phones, tablets, computers.


NETCCN is sponsored by the government to collaborate with private specialty companies to rapidly deploy high quality emergency and critical care support to any critical care patient at any time throughout the USA.

NETCCN helps with:


Tiered Staffing


Relief Coverage

Specialty Services like continuous automated ICU patient monitoring provided by DocBox®:

The continuous ICU monitoring right at the patient bedside is able to
connect to any medical device, PACS and EMR.

Our solution provides:

interoperability of siloed
vendors and systems

automated nurse workflow
for trend visualization and
real-time information

access to operational
and root-cause analysis.

Hospital users of DocBox® call our solution the Clinician Assistant in Critical Care™.
All patient information and health status is at the right place, at the right time, and always available.

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