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We are DocBox
We are Docbox®
The Story About DocBox®

It all began at a meeting in Boston. A group of clinicians, engineers and scientists met to collaborate on how to improve patient
safety and clinical care through the use of technology. Was there a tech solution that would reduce
morbidities, by reducing injuries caused by inaccurate decisions and inadequate patient care?

How could we design data architecture so that it could be shared throughout the healthcare continuum,
with the end result of improving healthcare quality and facilitating better outcomes?

The main challenge that our team faced from the beginning,
was to change the rules of proprietary business models and inaccessible data.

It became our guiding mission at DocBox® to build a solution that would improve healthcare
and patient safety, be easy to use and and be based on a secure, open system.

Today, we are the only critical-care vendor-neutral
medical software device company worldwide


Our Purpose is to make the complex work
of clinicians in critical care easier, safer and more efficient
by enabling data-driven healthcare through
automating data collection from disparate systems and devices.

Our Mission is to be at every ICU bed around the world.

Our Vision is to touch 1 billion lives.


Bobby Shah
Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded several healthcare ventures:
NiN Healthcare, vTitan Corporation (acquired 2013), Indigo Orb (acquired 2009), and Bandog Corporation
15+ years in moving medical technology
from concept to commercial product.

Tracy Rausch
Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

Former Clinical Systems Engineer at NIH
and Kaiser Permanente, where she helped
develop systems strategy for device
integration and interoperability
International Leader in Medical Technology
PI>$13M in govt contract R&D.

John Howse, MD
Chief Medical Officer

30+ years of experience as
a cardiac anesthesiologist
at Kaiser Permanente
Chaired medical device technology
evaluation committees.

Steven Dain, MD
Chief Medical Informatics Officer

30+ years as academic and

community based anesthesiologist

Global leader in Anesthesia,

Critical Care Equipment and

Informatics Standards


Where you can find us

Head Office >> 905 Isom Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States

Offices at >> Waltham, MA • Silver Spring, MD • New Delhi, India