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Improve ICU patient care

with DocBox®, the Clinician Assistant in Critical Care

Nurse workflow
sheet application

dashboard and reports

and trends

Automated activity
capture for billing

DocBox Apiary software, Trends Screen, displayed on an HP Engage One Pro with barcode scanner nearby

Healthcare Providers can access ~2GB of data per patient per day for:

AI   //    Machine Learning     //     Development of Algorithms


Discover the main advantages of implementing Docbox® in your ICU

What clients say about DocBox®

Dr. Yatin Mehta

Chairman of Critical Care
and Anesthesiology
Medanta Hospital, the Medicity
Gurgram, National Capital Region,

“We have been using DocBox at Medanta Hospital for several years now and it is a key solution for us in the Intensive Care Unit.

Our physicians and nurses can monitor all data about the patient on the DocBox screen: X-Rays, CT Scans, MRIs, all the labs, the ventilator settings, the hemodynamic medication and status. If needed, they can go back the record’s history and review any incident that has occurred.

In addition to medical data, the DocBox system also tracks information important to department administration—such as bed occupancy, billing, and more.
DocBox is a very useful clinical care assistant to the critical care physicians and to the hospital.“



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