Our Platform

The hardware components of DocBox provide physical connectivity and cybersecurity for multiple devices, collects data from these devices, and presents it in real-time on a single, easy to use touchscreen at the point of care -- the patient’s bedside.
The bedside touchscreen also allows the manual entry of routine tasks such as periodic nursing documentation, administration of medication and verification of automatically captured vital signs and device settings, all readily available and presented on an easy to read, robust timeline showing current patient status and treatment history.


Software "Apps" leverage the rich data set and provide clinical flowsheets for clinical documentation. Patient rounding summaries facilitate decision-making. Operational dashboards and analytics, with functions adaptable to the client's needs, help make the provision of better, efficient healthcare at a reasonable cost.


The Data

DocBox automatically collects a large volume of data (up to 1.5 - 2.0GB per patient, per day) allowing for previously unattainable data analytics.
The data includes information that was either not collected or lost prior to implementing DocBox. The data is concurrently safely and securely stored on centralized servers and available throughout the hospital as needed.

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The DocBox Advantage


  • Infrastructure for data in motion and data at rest
  • Cohesive flow of data throughout the health delivery organization
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • System-wide data dictionary and model
  • Implementation of a medical device cybersecurity framework


  • Improve clinical workflow efficiency & information accuracy
  • Deploy clinical applications without additional infrastructure
  • Ability to innovate utilizing contextually rich and accurate big data set
  • Infrastructure for virtual care solutions
  • Root cause analysis capabilities


  • Unit and hospital wide operational metrics
  • Operations dashboard
  • Real time quality metrics
  • Platform for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


  • Automatically capture billable clinical interventions (ROI in revenue leakage)
  • Audit logs of clinical interventions
  • Clean, structured, complete, highly granular patient and clinician data sets of the complete patient timeline during stay for monetization