Our Platform

  • DocBox collects up to 3GB of structured data per patient, per day.

  • Nursing documentation time is reduced by 70%.

Our Applications

Healthcare providers can use this data collected by DocBox for:
  • AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Development of Algorithms

The DocBox Advantage


  • Infrastructure for data in motion and data at rest
  • Cohesive flow of data throughout the health delivery organization
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • System-wide data dictionary and model
  • Implementation of a medical device cybersecurity framework


  • Improve clinical workflow efficiency & information accuracy
  • Deploy clinical applications without additional infrastructure
  • Ability to innovate utilizing contextually rich and accurate big data set
  • Infrastructure for virtual care solutions
  • Root cause analysis capabilities


  • Unit and hospital wide operational metrics
  • Operations dashboard
  • Real time quality metrics


  • Automatically capture billable clinical interventions (ROI in revenue leakage)
  • Audit logs of clinical interventions
  • Clean, structured, complete, highly granular patient and clinician data sets of the complete patient timeline during stay for monetization

Our Partners

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